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Our 30th Anniversary

From its humble beginnings to its current position as a leading bath manufacturer, MTI Baths has had an unerring focus on excellence that has influenced everything it does – from design innovation to craftsmanship to customer service. Learn More.

J.C. Henry – Our Founder

J.C. Henry founded our company in 1988. He was a self-made man, a driven entrepreneur and resourceful in developing unique manufacturing processes still used today. Against sound advice, he started a company in the challenging financial climate of a time when the interest rate was over 20% and his own age was nearing 60. This spirit of risk-taking was inspirational and integral to MTI’s culture. He relentlessly pursued the highest quality of product as the only acceptable outcome.

Katherine Adams – Our CEO

In 1998 J.C. chose his successor, our CEO Kathy Adams. Building on J.C.’s legacy of the highest quality products, Kathy applied her business background and brought a new focus on superb award-winning designs to establish MTI as the luxury brand it is today. The nucleus of MTI’s thriving culture is dedicated individuals who love what they do. Kathy is the educator who defines an MTI leader as one who enables others to succeed. Our Mission Statement: To create and maintain a long-term financially successful business guided by the highest ethical standards, while providing a nurturing place where employees can gain job satisfaction and grow as contributing members of the organization.  

Next Chapter - Employee Ownership

We are honored and humbled to be chosen numerous times as one of the top places to work in Atlanta. When J.C.’s health deteriorated and an acquisition deal fell through in 2001, MTI employees invested their 401k savings and refinanced their homes to purchase the company from J.C. so that we could continue. Since then MTI has been an employee-owned company, which is a rare occurrence in today’s business world. It is not uncommon at MTI to have many families working together and many employees working more than 10 years with us. We strive to build a strong community within MTI and our neighborhoods.


MTI has been awarded more than 100 awards for design excellence and product innovation with Russell Adams as our Chief Design Officer and President. The common thread within the design team’s philosophy is “design with purpose”. More than creating products that are merely high in design aesthetics, the design team maintains a focus on creating products that will satisfy the needs of people and enrich their lives.

Creativity and Fun at MTI

Creativity is prevalent, and you never know where it is going to take you. We certainly enjoy what we do.  One example is creating this bathtub-cycle in our down time, modeled after a race car and created for a soap box derby.

Feel the Difference

Your bathtub is a piece of art, a unique sculpture. Everything is handmade by our talented team of artisans. Only dedication and pride of workmanship can describe one of our craftsmen spending up to 8 hours getting that coveted luxurious soft matte or hand-polished deep gloss finish.


Dream it, draw it on a napkin, modify it on an existing drawing – your ideas, our product offering, just a starting point for you. Our experts will work with you to make a customized design. We can even easily customize where you want jets placed in your bathtub per your measurements. You can also design your experience with selecting or combining different therapies. We have a can-do, will-do, attitude.

We are thankful to our valued partners and customers  because they have chosen to consider our product out of many on the market.

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