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Designer Collection Stream Bath & Air Bath massage therapy combine to provide both relaxation and restoration through the gentle current of Stream Bath technology and the therapeutic benefits of light full-body air massage.  These gentle but very different therapies are ideal for all ages and may be operated separately or simultaneously.  All of MTI’s combination therapy tubs are individually water-tested and component operated to ensure optimal integrity and performance.

Acrylic Designer Collection Standard Features:

  • Award-winning designs.
  • Thermoformed high-gloss cross-linked cast acrylic reinforced with a thick layer of fiberglass/resin/titanium backing for added strength and increased insulation.
  • Metal reinforcement around the perimeter of all rectangular and corner baths for superior structural integrity.
  • Extremely scratch and stain resistant.
  • Available in several designer colors.
  • Consistent color throughout the thickness of this high-performance material provides a finish that is renewable for long-term durability and beauty.
  • Non-porous surface for ease of maintenance and more effective sanitizing.
  • Handcrafted with pride in the USA.

Acrylic Designer Collection Air Bath & Stream Bath Combination Features*:

  • The choice of one of two unique Designer Air Bath systems combined with the soothing effects of Stream Bath therapy.
  • Easy to use low-profile keypad offers convenience to the bather. Spa Mode feature comes standard on most Elite Air & Stream Bath combination tubs.
  • Two slotted Stream Bath end vents generate parallel streams of water that gently flow over the top and front of the body creating the ultimate soaking experience.
  • 6 Stream Bath side vents are strategically positioned at different heights along the tub wall to achieve different flow patterns. Vents may be rotated 360° to customize the effects.
  • Pre-warmed air bath massage comes through 20-30 nearly invisible, “illusion” air jets that are absolutely flush with the bottom of the tub floor. Designed for maximum therapeutic benefit and comfort.
  • Complementing Aromatherapy diffusion system is integrated with air system on most combination therapy tubs.
  • Chromatherapy is standard with Elite Air Bath selection on combination therapy tubs.
  • Optional Thermaltherapies, such as MTI’s shell-warming Radiance and heating system to help maintain the heat of the water.
  • Audiotherapy provided by acoustic transducers integrated in the bath shell.
  • Whisper-quiet motors for optimal relaxation.
  • Multiple built-in anti-return check valves throughout the air system and airless Stream Bath lines for hygienic operation.
  • Automatic purge cycle that expels any remaining water in or around the air jets activates 7 minutes after each use for ease of maintenance.
  • Pre-leveled foam for added structural integrity and ease of installation.
  • Air Bath & Stream Bath combination therapy is not available on freestanding tub models.

*Features vary according to tub model. See product specification sheet for all model specific options & accessories.

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