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Innovation has always been a hallmark of MTI, the pioneer of whirlpool cleaning systems. MTI’s Fill-Flush® and Simple Touch® have set the standard for self-cleaning whirlpool systems, and they still remain unparalleled in the industry. In short, they are the best whirlpool cleaning systems on the market. When used on a regular basis, either system will keep the internal whirlpool plumbing system clean and hygienic. MTI Whirlpool Cleaning Systems – How They Work.

See animated demonstrations:  Fill-Flush® Whirlpool Cleaning System-Animated DemonstrationSimple Touch® Whirlpool Cleaning System-Animated Demonstration.

MTI is pleased to offer a means of improving the quality of the whirlpool bath while bathing. It is 200 times stronger than household bleach, yet not a traditional chemical. It is safe and gentle enough to be used while bathing. It is safe for the environment and leaves no chemical by-products. In fact, it comes from the environment. It is Ozone, the purest form of Oxygen. And it is available in MTI’s Ozone bath sanitation system. More Information about MTI Ozone Bath Sanitation System.

Fill-Flush & Simple Touch Whirlpool Cleaning Systems – Detailed Specifications and MSRP
MTI Baths Meets the Most Stringent Hygienic Standards
Fresh Wave Whirlpool System Cleaner

Whirlpool Equipment

Extra Point-Massage Jets

Strategically placed high-flow jets that provide a straight and targeted flow of water to stress-points of the body. | View more information and MSRP

Rotary-Therapy Jets

Swirl the water and provide a softer, pulsating massage. May be substituted for any point-massage jet at no additional cost. | View more information and MSRP

Micro-Jet Cluster Package

Packages of 2, 4 or 6 micro-jets available to complement your whirlpool experience. |  View more information and MSRP

Trim Colors

Available as standard to match bath’s color. Upgrades available in many custom finishes. | View more detailed information and MSRP

Whirlpool Cleaning Systems

Fill-Flush, Simple Touch and Ozone
Designed to keep your whirlpool clean and hygienic, MTI’s unparalleled Fill-Flush® and Simple Touch® cleaning systems circulate cleaning solution and fresh water through the entire plumbing system, including the water and air lines, large jets and pump. Ozone Bath Sanitation System uses nature’s purest form of sanitizer and oxidation agent sanitizes the water during the bath. | View more whirlpool cleaning detergent detailed information  |  View Ozone Bath Sanitation System detailed information


Inline heaters available for soakers, air baths and whirlpools. | View more detailed information

Water Level Sensor with Timer

Will not allow pump to start if water level is too low. Device also automatically shuts off pump when water level is insufficient. Includes automatic shut-off timer. | View more information and MSRP



Breda backflow preventer valve and atmospheric vent (required by code in some areas). The Breda valve is also a 2-way diverter. | View more information and MSRP