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About MTI Tubs: A Leading Supplier of High-Quality Luxury Tubs

MTI offers an incredible selection of over 250 models of tubs, all handcrafted in the USA, in three product lines:

Boutique Collection is for those who want to make a design statement. Constructed using MTI’s Engineered Solid-Stone® (“ESS®”), each product is a handmade work of art with the look and feel of molded stone. While all are available as soakers, some can even be specified as air baths. Each tub’s product page enables you to view the specific details, complete with MSRP.
Learn more about the Boutique Collection | View Standard Features & Construction | View Boutique Collection Brochure

Designer Collection offers confident styles and a large variety of shapes and sizes for one or more bathers. They are formed in high-gloss cast acrylic, and most can be specified as a soaker, air bath, whirlpool or combination whirlpool / air bath in up to nine pre-designed packages. Or build your own!
Learn more about the Designer Collection | View Standard Features & Construction |  View Designer Collection Brochure

MTI BASICS® tubs are ideal for situations when needs are more simple, desires more modest or delivery schedule is critical. This selection includes a variety of tubs in the most popular shapes and sizes, and at a very affordable price. And just because the project has a thin budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice craftsmanship and quality.
Learn more about MTI BASICS | View Standard Features & Construction for BASICS Tubs. View Standard Features & Construction for BASICS  Walk-In Tub
BASICS Brochure

On each tub’s product page you can view the details of the packages available for that model, complete with MSRP, by clicking on “Specifications & MSRP”. You can also view available options on each product spec sheet. Info on Hydrotherapy by MTI.

While MTI’s huge selection of tubs includes a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, it also provides a choice of tubs designed for different types of installation.



Some tubs are designed for drop-in installation, where the tub is “dropped-in”, or sits in, a hole cut out of the tub “deck”, or surrounding, supporting area made of material such as granite, marble, tile or a product such as Corian®.



Other baths are designed for “undermounting,” an installation type where the tub is mounted underneath the tub deck, and the deck is cut out so that the opening exactly mimics the size and shape of the top of the tub bowl itself, leaving only the inside of the tub bowl visible. The product page for each tub indicates whether a tub is suitable for undermounting.



Another type of installation refers to baths designed to be “freestanding”. Freestanding tubs do not require any surrounding material because they are designed to stand alone. See also our freestanding tubs with extended decks.



The last installation type commonly found is what is referred to as “alcove”. Within the plumbing industry this refers to an installation where there are three walls surrounding the tub, with each wall’s surface sitting directly on top of the tub’s deck. A tile flange is required on each side for this type of installation to provide a water-tight and finished appearance.

From this high-level overview of the MTI tub product range, you can see that MTI offers a choice of hydrotherapies, a wide range of models, in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, installation type and material construction. It’s easy to understand why MTI products are so popular among homeowners and professionals alike.

MTI will assist you in personalizing your bathroom products to complement your design.

The ideal bathroom for your individual needs may include a soaking tub, jacuzzi tub (whirlpool), air bath  or a deep soaking bath-tub with MTI’s gentle Stream Bath hydrotherapy. You may desire a tub with great hydrotherapy options but with a small footprint. Whether your dream bathroom features an acrylic bathtub or a stone bath tub, MTI’s extensive collection of bathtubs has the ideal tub to realize that dream.

If you are considering an aging-in-place or universal design bathroom, our ADA-compliant products (such as the MTI Walk-In tub, barrier-free shower pans, teak shower seats, and more) might work best for you. Whether a freestanding bathtub or a tub that works in an alcove installation; or if you prefer a larger shower base area without a tub, or a wet room with tub and shower base area combined, our product selection and ability to customize can assure your dream design is realized.