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While MTI’s huge selection of tubs includes a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, it also provides a choice of tubs designed for different types of installation.



Some tubs are designed for drop-in installation, where the tub is “dropped-in”, or sits in, a hole cut out of the tub “deck”, or surrounding, supporting area made of material such as granite, marble, tile or a product such as Corian®.



Other baths are designed for “undermounting,” an installation type where the tub is mounted underneath the tub deck, and the deck is cut out so that the opening exactly mimics the size and shape of the top of the tub bowl itself, leaving only the inside of the tub bowl visible. The product page for each tub indicates whether a tub is suitable for undermounting.



Another type of installation refers to baths designed to be “freestanding”. Freestanding tubs do not require any surrounding material because they are designed to stand alone.



The last installation type commonly found is what is referred to as “alcove”. Within the plumbing industry this refers to an installation where there are three walls surrounding the tub, with each wall’s surface sitting directly on top of the tub’s deck. A tile flange is required on each side for this type of installation to provide a water-tight and finished appearance.