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Feel the Difference


MTI’s proprietary SculptureStone® material is non-porous and solid through-and-through. Competitors’ composite material has a top-surface coating applied.

MTI Boutique Collection tubs are individually manufactured and handcrafted using the highest-quality materials. Each product is built according to the specifications of the customer when it is ordered. Multiple quality control checks are employed, including individual water-testing and component operation. MTI’s goal is to provide customers with handcrafted, quality products that meet their needs and desires.

SculptureStone® Boutique Collection Standard Features:

  • Award-winning designs.
  • MTI solid stone tubs are constructed using MTI’s proprietary SculptureStone® material.
  • SculptureStone® is a mixture of ground natural minerals and high-performance resins that are liquefied, poured and then hardened.
  • Approximately 70% of the material is organic, including materials mined from the earth, making it quite “Green”.
  • The result is molded stone. 100% solid.
  • MTI Boutique Collection products are solid through-and-through, with no layers, hollow or void areas, and no surface coating, making it easy to maintain and highly renewable.
  • This material is non-porous, stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant, also making cleaning and maintenance easy.
  • All tub models include a chrome finish toe-tap drain kit. Drain finish upgrade options available.
  • Integrated overflow and toe-tap drain kit standard on most models for easy above-floor installation.
  • Handcrafted with pride in the USA.

SculptureStone® Boutique Collection Soaking Bath Features*:

  • Silky smooth interior with gentle curves for luxurious comfort and maximum relaxation.
  • Deep bathing well for full-body soak.
  • May be specified without an overflow to further increase soaking depth.
  • High insulating properties of the material keep water warm longer for extended soaking therapy.

SculptureStone® Boutique Collection Air Bath Features:

  • MTI’s unique Air Massage System with 20 nearly invisible, “illusion” air jets that are absolutely flush with the bottom of the tub floor. Designed for maximum therapeutic benefit and comfort.
  • Waterproof remote control included with air system for added convenience.
  • Low-profile electronic keypad enables total bather control of air bath intensity, from a gentle and relaxing sensation to complete invigoration.
  • Whisper-quiet blower with ceramic heater pre-warms air bubbles.
  • Multiple built-in anti-return check valves for hygienic air bath operation.
  • Automatic purge cycle activates 7 minutes after tub use for ease of maintenance.
  • High-insulating properties of the material keep water warm longer for extended soaking therapy.

*See product specification sheet for all model specific options & accessories.