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Bath And Beethoven!

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PR_Stereo_070424Atlanta, GA – April 24, 2007 – It’s been known for centuries that music soothes the soul, and now you can relax in a warm bath to sounds from the Blues to Bach. Relax to the ocean’s rolling waves or new age jazz. MTI Baths’ ingenious integration of tub and tunes reverberates with possibilities. Stereo H2O® is an invisible audio system that delivers full-bodied sound through the tub. Harnessing the healing power of music, Stereo H2O uses audio therapy to provide the ultimate escape, enhancing your customized bathing experience.

Used to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of children and adults, music therapy is, in fact, an established healthcare profession. It promotes wellness, relieves stress, alleviates pain and promotes physical and spiritual healing, improving the quality of life for those who are healthy as well as those suffering from disabilities or illness. Whether the objective is therapy or simple listening pleasure, Stereo H2O brings all these benefits to you.

Both the technology and the components are absolutely state-of-the art and completely hidden from sight. The “speakers” are actually high-performance acoustic transducers precisely engineered with the most advanced level of technology and materials. The acoustic transducer system is applied to the bath shell’s exterior surface near the waterline. This transforms the bath shell into a magnificent sounding board that evenly distributes the sound within the entire tub environment, enveloping the bather in invigorating or relaxing sounds of choice, from rousing rock ‘n roll to a calming concerto.

These acoustic transducers not only generate full spectrum sound but also further enhance the experience by introducing bass frequencies into the water, elevating the sensory bath experience. In fact, Stereo H20 actually lets you feel the music through your body as it travels through the bath water.

The Stereo H20 audio system can be specified on most MTI tubs. Below, it is hidden between the walls of the Antigua freestanding bath.

Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation and unique customizations for air baths, whirlpools and soaking baths, offering more than 100 models in 50 colors with endless options. MTI also offers a wide variety of durable acrylic shower bases, shower enclosures and sinks. Located near Atlanta, the employee-owned company offers products through an exclusive network of kitchen and bath showrooms throughout the country. The company is gaining national recognition for its ability to provide products that are both innovative and classic.

Elevate your sensory bath experience with Stereo H20. For more information about customized options and other MTI products, call 800-783-8827 or visit