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Interior Design Magazine Names MTI Bath’s Innovative Continuum Sink Best of Year in the Fixtures/Sinks/Tubs Category.

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(Sugar Hill, GA. December 15, 2015) MTI Baths is pleased to announce their win of a prestigious Best of Year Award from Interior Design magazine. This year, the Best of Year Awards celebrated its 10th Anniversary and had over 1,800 entries in 142 categories with nearly 60,000 votes cast by the A+D industry. On December 3, 2015 almost 1,000 people from the design community (designers and manufacturers) gathered at the state-of-the-art Frank Gehry design, IAC Building, as the winners were announced live by hosts Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief, and Carol Cisco, Publisher.

“It is a huge honor to win the Interior Design Best of Year Award,” stated Russell Adams, MTI’s President and Chief of Design. “This semi-recessed sink is a perfect example of re-imagining everyday objects.”

The Continuum sink was designed by nationally renowned kitchen and bath designer Matthew Quinn, who partnered with MTI on its development. While the actual depth of the sink is 5-1/4”, this innovative design concept uses the countertop cut-out, which sits on three leveling “feet”, to form a “faux bottom” of the sink. “Continuum creates the illusion of a seamless design that allows the striations of the counter material to visually flow ‘through’ the sink,” says Matthew Quinn, Principal of Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio and the Matthew Quinn Collection. While the visible dimensions for the sink measure 21” x 16” x 2”, only the top two inches of the sink rim rest on the countertop. Optionally, the sink rim may be specified as high as 4.25” on request.

As part of MTI’s exclusive Boutique Collection, the Continuum is manufactured of MTI’s proprietary Engineered Solid Stone™, a mixture of natural ground materials and high performance resins that is non-porous, 100% solid and easy to maintain. Because nearly 65% of the material is organic, the sink is environmentally friendly

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Matthew Quinn has been a major force in the design community for many years and is the principal of the Atlanta-based Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio and the Matthew Quinn Collection. Matthew’s success is largely due to his design philosophy that ultimate sophistication is achieved in the cultivated balance between form and simplicity. Matthew’s projects span the globe, and he has garnered numerous design awards. His first book will be released in March 2016. See more of Matthew’s work at