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MTI has had a long-standing commitment to high-quality and customization, which makes MTI products highly suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Design and attention to detail make the aesthetics of MTI products as appealing as their long-term durability and ease of operation. MTI has garnered many awards for product design as well as innovation, which has also led to the granting of numerous US patents.

MTI’s sanitary, high-performance hydrotherapy systems and therapeutic optional features make them an ideal fit for salon and spa equipment. MTI offers the quietest, most high-performance whirlpools, air baths and combination systems on the market. MTI’s Fill-Flush® or Simple Touch®cleaning systems help to assure sanitary whirlpool systems. Ozone can help to protect the bather and therapist alike. Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy, In-line Heaters and Radiance® are just some of MTI’s customization options that are popular for spa equipment.

MTI has distributors that specialize in the salon and spa industry and also provides private label products for several clients.

Click here for a list of spa and salon distributors.

mtls-120jp_hSpa Products

While all MTI products are commercial quality, some products are better fit for the commercial spa environment. Jentle® Ped foot spas allow pedicure stations to be customized to fit the needs of an individual salon or spa. The Sanctuary Hydrotherapy Tub is designed to allow a trained therapist to provide underwater hydrotherapy to the client.

MTI has many tubs that can be customized for spa soaking baths and couples therapy rooms. Japanese-inspired soaking baths, overflow and waterfall tubs and oversized soaking tubs are all popular spa baths. See MTI’s Complete Architectural Specifications Guide for a list of tubs that are recommended for such applications.

Contact the MTI Hospitality Sales Department ( if you would like personalized assistance in choosing the best product and therapies for your project.

MTI also manufactures private label spa equipment that has been designed by spa professionals specifically for the spa industry. Links to those products can be found under the list of spa and salon distributors.

MTLS-130jp_h2Jentle Ped® Foot Spas

Jentle Ped® foot spas incorporate MTI’s renowned whirlpool expertise and thoughtful design cultivated from research with salon owners, and podiatrists. Jentle Ped foot spas feature two or four directional high-flow jets that can be adjusted to target specific areas of the feet. Once the initial water temperature is set, Jentle Ped will maintain a steady or slightly increasing temperature (maximum increase of 5°). All models have a gently sloped floor that positions the feet in a relaxed position, and a raised bar in the center of the bath floor encourages the user to stretch and exercise different regions of the foot. The MTLS-110JP andMTLS-120JP feature dual curved recesses to cradle the calves and the MTLS-130JP foot spa has a narrower foot well.

The Jentle Ped foot spas are designed for drop-in applications. This allows each salon or spa to create a pedicure area that can easily integrate with the existing design theme in the spa. Custom pedicure areas with the Jentle Ped typically take up less space than a traditional pedicure throne, which allows for more stations in a given space.

News headlines have cited many instances where commercially-used foot spas were contaminated and created serious health risks. With MTI’s innovative Fill-Flush® whirlpool cleaning system, users and salon owners can rest assured they are getting a completely hygienic soak with every single use. MTI’s cleaning system meets the bacteria cleaning requirements for pools and spas, as specified by the National Standards Foundation (NSF)/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in Standard 50 – a standard requiring a 99.9% reduction in Streptococcus faecalis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

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