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The Most Powerful Natural Oxidizer and  Disinfectant in the World

Ozone has safely been used for years in commercial and residential pools, spas, aquariums, zoo life support, fountain, fish ponds, winery systems and multiple agricultural applications. While safe for the environment, it rids water of disease-causing microorganisms and leaves no chemical by-products in the water.

The bath Ozonator is available in MTI baths that are equipped with either a whirlpool system or inline heater recirculation pump. It is a safe, effective and natural bath sanitation system that works while the user is enjoying a bath. When the pump is activated, the Ozonator system automatically begins operating in unison. Ozone gas, made naturally from the oxygen we breathe, is generated and immediately mixed into the recirculating bath water.

Ozone, the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant, kills all known bacteria, viruses, cysts, yeasts, molds and mildew and helps to rid the water of disease-causing microorganisms while you are enjoying the bath. The longer the pump is running, the more Ozone is infused and the purer the bath water becomes. When the pump is turned off, the ozone generator also turns off.

Although ozone has been proven to be quite effective in providing clean whirlpool bathing water, regular cleaning of the internal whirlpool plumbing system with a cleaner such as MTI’s Fresh Wave should still be implemented. For optimum whirlpool plumbing system cleanliness and maintenance, MTI’s Fill-Flush or Simple Touch whirlpool cleaning systems are recommended.

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