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KADear Customer,

The first thing we want to communicate to you is our THANKFULNESS. We are thankful to you because you have chosen to consider OUR product out of many on the market. Each of us value our job and we understand that without you, there would be no job. So, “Thank you”! In addition, we have made a careful study of happiness and have found that being thankful is just about the best way to attain contentment!

Like most companies that reach a certain degree of success, MTI has a long history of going through the process of strategic planning. We study big picture economic conditions, our industry and consumer trends. We list our strengths as they relate to our findings and try to find ways to build on those strengths. Likewise, we list our weaknesses and try to find ways to overcome or work around those weaknesses. We have set the goal of “SUBSTANCE FIRST.” We seek the truth so that we can be accurate in our evaluations. Periodically, we re-evaluate, looking for ways to continually improve each sector of our process. We have developed a corporate culture that includes discipline, creativity and thankfulness and we work hard to communicate our culture to all our employees.

We have found that discovering the truth is not so simple. There is a saying that “only your friends will tell you when there is dirt on your face.” We invite you to share your experiences with MTI because our goal is to be the very best in the world in terms of:

  • service, before, during and after the sale
  • product quality
  • product design
  • innovation
  • marketing efforts and
  • customer needs

Without your input, we will have a more difficult time reaching our goals. We invite you to share your ideas, opinions and experiences with us on our Contact Us page.

Thank you,

Katherine R. Adams,