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As President and Chief Creative Officer of MTI Baths, Russell has not only designed many of the company’s most successful products, but he has also been the driving force behind expanding the company’s product lines.

Since 1999, MTI has won over 100 industry awards for design excellence and product innovation. Russell was the designer for most of these products. A graduate of the University of Georgia Franklin School of Arts and Sciences, his cutting edge talent led him to conceive the Boutique Collection and bring the production of engineered solid-surface products to the company in 2007, making MTI one of the first manufacturers in the USA. Russell’s hands-on experiences in manufacturing, combined with his design sensibilities and unique talents, have resulted in a superb product offering.

The common thread among all Russell’s work is “design with purpose”.   More than creating products that are merely high in design aesthetics, Russell maintains a focus on creating products that will satisfy the needs of people and enrich their lives.  Products that promote wellness and improve the quality of life.  His appreciation of nature and a passion for the outdoors provide inspiration for his product designs that emphasize simplicity combined with an aura that is both harmonious and organic.