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Award-Winning Designs

At MTI we strive for excellence, and we work for our customers, not for awards. But it sure is nice to receive recognition.

MTI has received countless awards for the design excellence and innovation of its products; awards for some of the materials we provide for our customers, like website and brochures; and even an international award for customer-driven manufacturing processes. Here are only some of our trophies!

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    IDEA Bronze14_white 091514KB Culture Award 2015

    German Design Award for Juliet Product Page

    Peoples Choice Winner 2016KBB Product Innovator Award 2015

    Remodelers Choice 100

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Innovation and Technology

Since its beginnings, innovation has been a hallmark of MTI Baths. It is the extension of MTI’s “DNA” of employee ownership, entrepreneurial spirit and culture of creativity and discipline. The very identity and soul of MTI has driven the people and the company to stay on the cutting edge of technology and go beyond the confines of the conventional. In its history, MTI has introduced many “firsts”, and many of these are even patented: (more…)

More On MTI Innovation

Cleanest Air Baths and Whirlpools Available

MTI Baths set the standard in 1995 for hygienic whirlpools with two whirlpool cleaning systems that remain unparalleled in the world today. MTI’s Fill-Flush® and Simple Touch®cleaning systems are the only ones that will completely and thoroughly clean the entire whirlpool plumbing system, and they do this in less than 5 minutes and with less than 10 gallons of water. When used on a regular basis, either system will keep the internal whirlpool plumbing system clean and hygienic. The National Sanitation Foundation conducted tests on the MTI Fill-Flush and Simple Touch systems with Fresh Wave cleaner. The test results show that MTI’s cleaning system meets the bacteria cleaning requirements for pools and spas, as specified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and American Standards Institute (ANSI) in Std 50 – a standard requiring a 99.9% reduction in Streptococcus faecalis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. (more…)

What makes MTI the cleanest

Made in the USA

MTI Baths is an American-owned company located in Sugar Hill, Georgia. In fact, MTI is employee-owned.

Since 1988, MTI has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation and unique customizations for its expansive line of bath products. MTI offers fine products in acrylic, SculptureStone®, mineral composite and wood, all manufactured with care in the USA. Because MTI products are primarily made to order and personalized, a significant amount of the cost is skilled labor. MTI is proud to be one of the manufacturing companies still located in the USA.

To make the claim “Made in the USA”, the Federal Trade Commission regulations state that “all or virtually all” of a specific product must be produced in the United States. It sounds simple enough, but it takes about 40 pages to spell-out all of the FTC rules!

Following are the details for MTI products:

  • All MTI soaking tubs, shower bases and sinks, whether constructed of acrylic, mineral composite or SculptureStone®, are 100% “Made in the USA” in the MTI plant in Sugar Hill, Georgia using materials and packaging materials made in the USA.
  • 95% of the molds and tooling used in the manufacture of MTI tubs, sinks and shower bases are made at the Sugar Hill facility.
  • MTI Hydrotherapy Systems, including whirlpool systems, air baths and all combination systems are manufactured in the USA. 70% of the cost of these products is USA labor and USA-made materials. Approximately 30% of the total cost of these products is comprised of pumps and parts imported from other countries. These products all qualify under the FTC definitions.
  • MTI uses only 100% US-certified legal, sustainable teak lumber. The teak lumber used in MTI products is imported by reputable suppliers who meet and exceed all federal regulations. Our suppliers are dedicated to complying with all international laws regarding labor and conservation concerns in harvesting of the trees. All premium teak lumber used by MTI is harvested from responsibly managed forests and is not endangering or depleting the rain forests of the world.
  • All MTI furniture is “Made in the USA”, Sugar Hill, Georgia using wood purchased from USA-owned companies. All woods are grown in the USA, with the exception of the teak.
  • MTI’s policy is to source products made in the USA, interviewing prospective vendors to learn how and where their products are sourced. Exceptions are made only when USA raw materials are either cost-prohibitive or are unavailable.
Made in the USA

10 Reasons For Buying Products Made in the USA

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Mission Statement

To create and maintain a long-term financially successful business guided by the highest ethical standards, while providing a nurturing place where employees can gain job satisfaction and grow as contributing members of the organization.