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Since its beginnings, innovation has been a hallmark of MTI Baths. It is the extension of MTI’s “DNA” of employee ownership, entrepreneurial spirit and culture of creativity and discipline. The very identity and soul of MTI has driven the people and the company to stay on the cutting edge of technology and go beyond the confines of the conventional.

In its history, MTI has introduced many “firsts”, and many of these are even patented:

  • Fill-Flush® and Simple Touch® were invented by MTI. These cleaning systems remain the best, most comprehensive and most thorough whirlpool cleaning systems in the world.
  • The Jentle Jet® laundry sink uses whirlpool jets to launder fine wearable with care. Patented.
  • The MTI Foot Spa models bring comfort and therapeutic relief to tired, sore feet. Patented.
  • MTI Pet Spas for dogs provide everything from a spacious, ergonomically-designed bathing vessel to a therapeutic spa for “man’s best friend”. Two models available.
  • Stereo H2O® transforms the bathing surface of a tub into one giant speaker that enables bathers to listen and actually feel the music or sounds of choice.
  • Radiance® utilizes radiant heat technology to warm the bath tub interior’s surface to increase bather comfort and eliminate the shock of a cold tub surface.

Beyond these “inventions”, MTI innovation has also expressed itself in other ways, such as the way in which various product components are prepared and integrated. Even the MTI manufacturing process incorporates innovative, proprietary methods and procedures that enable MTI to offer unparalleled customization capabilities to its customers, and still be able to ship the finished product within 7 business days, the fastest in the industry. In fact, MTI’s innovative manufacturing methods have gained international recognition with various awards.

Part of MTI’s DNA is continuous improvement. On an ongoing basis, MTI seeks new ways to apply its areas of expertise to different areas of life, providing its customers with products that promote wellness, save time and offer convenience.