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Sore Muscle Relief

Whirlpool baths, so called because of the swirling motion that they exhibit, provide a powerful deep- penetrating massage through the combined use of air and water. Whirlpool massage relaxes the muscles thoroughly and helps eliminate accumulated toxins. Whirlpool This type of hydrotherapy will also have a repairing effect after intensive training, aggressive physical activity, a workout or after a muscular injury.

MTI whirlpool systems are expertly engineered for maximum therapeutic benefit. A whisper quiet pump draws water in from the bathing well and reintroduces it through high-performance jets mounted on the inside tub walls. The flow intensity is controlled by a dial that silently adjusts the amount of air mixed with the water to provide effects that range from a gentle, relaxing swirl to a more vigorous deep-tissue massage. As more air is mixed with the water, the pressure of the jetted air / water mixture increases. Our strategically placed point massage jets are adjustable, allowing targeted water-jet massage to specific areas of the body. And, any jet may be closed to enhance the pressure of the remaining jets. This is ideal for a body area that requires a deeper, more penetrating massage.

With the advent of air baths, whirlpools have decreased in popularity, largely due to inaccurate and incomplete information. Some people are of the opinion that air baths are “cleaner”, or more sanitary, than whirlpools. The truth is that air baths and whirlpools can be either “clean” or problematic, and this depends upon how they are engineered and maintained. MTI excels at engineering hygienic, easy-to- maintain whirlpools and air baths.

Contrary to what some may believe, air baths and whirlpools are not interchangeable in the type of therapy they offer. Whirlpools provide a deep-tissue massage, and air baths a light full-body massage. Different hydrotherapies for different conditions and circumstances with different results. One cannot take the place of the other.

If a whirlpool bath is what your body and spirit need or desire, MTI can certainly provide you with the whirlpool power to heal and renew. Clean. Safe. Designed and built for aesthetics, maximum therapeutic benefit, comfort and hygiene.

Whirlpool wellness therapy is available on many tub models. Standard features and options vary according to product series and tub model.

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