The term “solid surface” is used so indiscriminately in the marketplace to describe a range of bath products that it is difficult for consumers and professionals alike to understand the difference between solid surface products and those that are not.

Solid Surface material is authentic: pure, consistent, dense, non-porous throughout. 100% solid from the surface all the way thru. It is the highest, purest grade of natural engineered stone ground minerals with a soft, luxurious, organic look, touch and feel. MTI calls it SculptureStone.

MTI was the first manufacturer in the US to offer molded solid surface products for the bath in 2006 and has remained at the forefront with its large collection of SculptureStone solid surface tubs, sinks and counter-sinks.

However, there are many other types of engineered molded stone products sold on the market. And depending on the quality and characteristics of the ground stone, there will be variances in density and weight, but they all share one common characteristic fact:

they all must be coated with a finish because the material itself is not homogeneous, consistent, pure and non-porous.

These are called Mineral Composites – they are made of lower grade minerals and therefore require a coating. And while attractive, substantial and a bit less costly, they are not solid surface.

So if you are looking for 100% material authenticity and consistency, non-porous with an undeniably unique look, touch and feel, there is only Solid Surface, the real deal, the best of the best.

MTI calls it SculptureStone.

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