An incredible new material … exclusively from MTI

Luxurious design aesthetics ◦ Exquisite matte finish ◦ Velvety-soft touch and feel ◦ Non-porous surface ◦ Consistent in color and property

DoloMatte is a cutting-edge true solid-surface material that is luxuriously beautiful, incredibly strong and velvety-soft to the touch. This innovative new material is available on most Designer Collection tubs and low-profile shower bases. With an exquisite matte finish and inviting tactile experience, DoloMatte opens exciting new doors of design possibility.

MTI’s DoloMatte begins as a thick, American-made solid-surface slab of specialty polymer blended with ground minerals that is consistent in color and property. After a unique preparation process, it is thermoformed with a mold and then enhanced through additional processes, including hand finishing. While immediately notable for its exquisite matte finish and oh-so-soft surface, the appeal of this new American-made material goes much deeper. The solid-surface is durable, impact/shock-resistant and extremely scratch- and stain- resistant. The non-porous white surface is easy to clean and is resistant to mold, mildew and UV damage.

MTI partnered with American manufacturer Aristech Surfaces in the development of the solid-surface slab used in the creation of DoloMatte products. Aristech Surfaces is the parent company of AVONITE®, who has been a leader in solid-surface products for more than 30 years. AVONITE® is a registered trademark of Aristech Surfaces LLC.