MTI has earned a solid reputation for developing unique custom solutions for residential and commercial bathrooms.

These custom partial surrounds are constructed according to the desires, needs and spaces of the customer. They snugly cradle the freestanding tub and actually accentuate its exterior lines, all while providing a mounting space for faucets and a resting place for book, electronic device or beverage.

Makes your Freestanding Tub “Uniquely Yours”

The integrated deck can be tightly docked against one corner of the tub, along the back length of the tub or embracing a full 180⁰ of the back of the tub. All the while revealing, showcasing and actually framing the lines and contours of the tub.

  • Allows the use of deck-mounted tub fillers that are more affordable than floor-mounted fillers and available in a wide variety of designs and finishes.
  • Hotel Operations has a very difficult time cleaning behind freestanding tubs. Our Integrated Deck Designs eliminates the problem!
  • Provides a concealed place for air bath blower motors and also provides easy access..

Available to work with many MTI freestanding tubs, these products are created in the same material as its Boutique Collection tubs: MTI’s proprietary SculptureStone® material – 100% solid, 70% organic, 100% beautiful.

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