Terra Custom Topographical Vanity Sink

The Terra waterfall vanity sink is a striking example of MTI innovation and cutting-edge customization. Originally designed and manufactured for a custom holiday showhouse in Atlanta, this product definitely appeals to someone who is design-driven and is looking for a truly unique piece.

The sink bowl is completely custom, designed and manufactured based on a customer-supplied topographical map to create a one-of-a-kind piece. The sink bowl is designed to accept a 1.5 GPM aerated stream with minimal splashing, and the flow of water in the sink bowl has been graduated toward the top of the waterfall. The waterfall side has been contoured with slight steps so the water will flow smoothly down the side in a controlled fashion into a floor drain.

The custom sink bowl can also be designed and integrated with vanities of varying sizes, as well as a vessel sink or under-mount sink to be used in conjunction with the customer’s counter material of choice.

The Terra Waterfall Vanity is constructed using MTI’s proprietary SculptureStone® material, which is engineered solid stone, comprised of minerals mined from the earth and high-performance resin binding agents. Approximately 70% organic, SculptureStone is non-porous and resistant to stain, mold and mildew, with a hand-polished deep gloss finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

An elegant, intriguing piece for the most discerning.

For more information about creating your entirely custom piece, contact quotes@mtibaths.com

U.S. Patent No. 11,285,505