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Hot Trend – Freestanding Bath Tubs

Freestanding tubs have become one of the hottest bathroom trends in recent years, and MTI has been at the forefront, not merely responding to this trend but leading it. Freestanding tubs bring a huge “wow factor” to bathrooms, serving as the centerpiece or contributing as a piece of art. MTI currently offers more than 70 freestanding bath tubs available in a large selection of sizes, styles and materials. Most of these tubs, including the Engineered Solid Stone® models, are available with MTI’s state-of-the-art thermo-air massage system | Go to freestanding tubs

Designer Collection Clawfoot Freestanding Tub

Melinda 10 is MTI’s first clawfoot tub. ‘Ball and Claw’ -design feet can be ordered in chrome or brushed nickel as standard. White and other custom powder coated colors are also available.

Boutique Collection Freestanding Tubs

The freestanding tubs in MTI’s design-savvy Boutique Collection are constructed using MTI’s proprietary Engineered Solid Stone® material, an organic mixture of ground natural minerals and binding agents that are liquefied, poured and then hardened. The result is molded stone, solid through and through with no layers, hollow or void areas. Air bath systems are available with most of these freestanding tubs as well, using a pedestal base to contain the air lines. Go to Boutique Collection Freestanding Tubs | Go to Boutique Collection Standard Features

Designer Collection Freestanding Tubs

Designer Collection freestanding tubs are manufactured in durable high-gloss cross-linked cast acrylic. These tubs feature a unique two-piece construction, with the interior bathing well fitting inside the exterior shell. This double-walled construction not only acts as an insulator but also allows these tubs to be equipped as air baths. So you can enjoy the charm of yesteryear and the technology of today. Go to Designer Collection freestanding tubs | Go to Designer Collection Standard Features  

Designer Sculpted Finish®

MTI has also developed its “Sculpted Finish®”, a proprietary and painstaking process whereby any Andrea® drop-in tub can be “converted” into a freestanding tub, such as the one shown to the right. Sculpted Finish tubs are also available with air bath systems.