Sensory Therapy - Audiotherapy

Your sense of hearing can also help promote wellness.

Go to the mountains and hear the sounds of silence to detoxify your mind and purge your spirit. You can also listen to the calming sounds of a gentle forest stream. Or, you can relax to the gentle trickling sounds of a Stream Bath soaking tub in your own bathroom.

Some prefer to put on a set of headphones or ear buds, turn on a favorite instrumental or vocal, close their eyes and let the soothing sounds clear their minds and carry them away to where they want to be. Music can be a great comforter, de-stressor and relaxer.

You can enjoy it all in the privacy and comfort of your bath.

MTI’s award-winning Stereo H2O transforms the entire tub into a sounding board so you will not only be able to hear the sounds but also feel the music through your body as it travels through the bath water.

Stereo H2O is available in most Designer models. See individual product specification sheets for details.

  • The technology and components are state-of-the art and completely hidden from sight.
  • The acoustic transducer system is applied to the bath shell’s exterior surface near the waterline.
  • This transforms the bath shell into a magnificent sounding board that evenly distributes the sound within the entire tub environment, enveloping the bather in the sounds of choice.
  • The acoustic transducers not only generate full spectrum sound but also further enhance the experience by introducing bass frequencies into the water, elevating the sensory bath experience.
  • Stereo H2O is available in two forms:
    • Four transducers factory-installed and ready for connection to a discreet amp, whole-home audio system or system such as offered by Sonos, Inc.
    • A factory-installed plug-and-play Bluetooth amplifier system with two transducers.

More Information on MTI's Stereo H2O System