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Soaking Bath

The most elemental form of hydrotherapy is the soaking bath, where heat and water’s natural buoyancy foster deep relaxation. All MTI soaker tubs are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort with a thick cast acrylic shell or Engineered Solid Stone®, both of which keep bath water warm longer. And this means a longer soak for you.

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Stream Bath®

The newest form of hydrotherapy from MTI. Imagine the soft sound of flowing water as a gentle current caresses your body. MTI’s exclusive Stream Bath technology replicates the feeling of sitting in a tranquil forest stream. Directional vents (not jets) provide a gentle current of water created by a whisper-quiet pump so you can enjoy the feel and sound of your private stream. Stream Bath is so gentle it is ideal for all ages, from the very young to the more senior. Think of it as the Ultimate Soaking Tub. Available on most drop-in Designer Collection tubs.

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For health and beauty. Microbubbles innovative technology super-saturates the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular water alone. Billions of tiny oxygen-rich microbubbles gently remove impurities from skin and pores, leaving the body cleansed and gently exfoliated. The result is skin that is hydrated, moisturized and restored, feeling soft, smooth and supple. As billions of microbubbles quietly pop around you, the energy they release also keeps bath water warm.

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Air Bath

The blissful combination of water, heat and air movement creates an incomparable effect that is as therapeutic as it is relaxing. The movement of millions of tiny air bubbles activates the lymphatic systems, increases blood flow, stimulates endorphins and relieves sore muscles and other painful ailments. MTI offers two unique air systems: Air Massage and Air Massage Elite. Both provide a full-body massage experience via 20 or 30 air jets located in the bottom of the bathing well. Because of its gentle massage action, the air bath may be particularly well suited for the elderly.

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Whirlpool Bath

Enjoy the power of a deep, penetrating massage. This type of hydrotherapy comes from strategically placed jets that may be targeted to specific areas of the body. This system is ideal for a sports-related injury, using powerful jets that thoroughly massage muscles and help eliminate accumulated toxins. Operated by a whisper-quiet pump, MTI whirlpool systems use a mixture of air and water that can be adjusted from a gentle swirl to a more vigorous pulse.

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Air Bath / Stream Bath Combination Bath

Expand your options. You can select a package that combines Stream Bath with either of the two air bath packages available. So depending on your mood and needs, you can enjoy the ultimate soaking tub with Stream Bath, or experience the full-body massage of an air bath.

The Air Bath / Stream Bath Combination hydrotherapy is available on most Designer drop-in and undermount tubs.

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Air Bath / Whirlpool Combination Bath

Enjoy the best of both worlds with this fully adjusted hydrotherapy system. Select the light full-body massage of an air bath, the deep penetrating massage of a whirlpool or both simultaneously. Great for households with family members of different ages and needs.

Hydrotherapy benefits people of all ages and lifestyles, from the teen athlete who needs a water massage for tired muscles to the elderly grandparent who finds relief in the soaking tub from troublesome arthritis. MTI offers designs for all generations, that is, bathing products and therapies that will accommodate the needs of every member of today’s multi-generational household. For more information on Universal Design, go to Trend: Universal Design.

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