Hydrotherapy - Stream Bath®

Imagine the soft sound of flowing water as a gentle current caresses your body. MTI’s exclusive Stream Bath technology replicates the feeling of sitting in a tranquil forest stream.

Directional vents provide a gentle current of water created by a whisper-quiet pump so you can enjoy the feel and sound of your private stream.

MTI's Stream Bath is available on most Designer Drop-in Tubs. See individual product specification sheets for details.

How Stream Bath Works:

  • Six (6) side vents are asymmetrically positioned and can be rotated to direct the water toward you in unique flow patterns that you create. You can even point the side vents toward the surface to create your private “babbling brook”.
  • Two (2) slotted end vents can be rotated 360⁰. Positioned at the end of the tub opposite you, they generate parallel streams of water that flow over the top and front of your body.
  • An optional inline heater is available to maintain the water temperature at a most comfortable 104⁰ F.

Stream Bath therapy is very different from whirlpools and air baths.

  • Creates gentle currents of water toward the bather.
  • No air in the lines.
  • Nothing like an air bath or whirlpool.
    • Whirlpools offer deep-tissue massage.
    • Air baths provide a light full-body massage from gentle to more vigorous.
    • The output of whirlpool and air bath jets is direct on the bather.
    • The output of Stream Bath vents moves the water away from the sides of the tub toward the bather.