Sensory Therapy - Chromatherapy

Color Therapy (known as Chromatherapy), is an ancient form of healing common in Asia, Europe and the Middle East for thousands of years. Light and color have been long recognized for their effect on human biorhythms and equilibrium. Chromatherapy uses colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony.

Here’s how it works. Colors are made up of reflected lights that hit our retinas as the wavelengths vibrate.

Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration and creates an electrical impulse in our brain that stimulates hormonal and biochemical processes in our body; these processes either calm or stimulate us.

Chromatherapy can be used for treating illnesses, alleviating pain, addressing emotional and mental conditions and promoting general wellbeing.

For example:

  • Blue and purple lights are anti-inflammatory and calming.
  • Green helps to purify and cleanse.
  • Yellow light stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Red light is invigorating, but it may cause agitation if you are already tense.

Chromatherapy is available in most Designer models. See individual product specification sheets for details.

You can specify underwater LED lighting in your tub to avail yourself of Chromatherapy while simultaneously enjoying your hydrotherapy of choice. You can select the color you want to achieve the effect you desire. In fact, you can immerse yourself in it!

  • Digitally controlled LED Underwater lighting is built into the tub.
  • A control pad allows selection of constant color: aqua, blue, magenta, red, orange, yellow or green.
  • Choose colors according to mood / need, or select a preset program.

Detailed Information about MTI's Chromatherapy system.