Sink Types: Counter-Sinks, Counter Tops and Vanity Sinks

Counter-Sinks - MTI Counter-Sinks seamlessly integrate the sink bowl with the counter top and complement a variety of design aesthetics. And they can be highly personalized in counter length, depth and height; bowl style and position(s); wall-mount or vanity-mount installations. They are easy to clean and compatible with most manufacturers’ vanities.

Accessible from any counter-sink product page, the MTI Configurator will walk you through specifying your personalized counter-sink.

Counter Top Only - Counter Tops are manufactured in SculptureStone® and are available in sizes ranging from 23″ – 86″ long, 12″ – 24" deep and 1/2″ – 6″ thick.

Vanity Sinks - Simplicity itself. Sink and vanity are seamlessly integrated in lengths that range from 24" to 72" in defined increments, depending on the bowl and length selected. Standard height of the Vanity Sinks is 34" and depth is 14", 18" or 22" depending on sink bowl selected. Choose from Parsons-style, Waterfall-style or Half-Waterfall-style design. Many bowl styles available for Counter-Sinks may be specified for Vanity Sinks.