Tubs - DoloMatte

The Designer Collection includes over 160 tubs: freestanding, drop-in, undermount and alcove models. Both single and two-person tubs. Most of them are available in DoloMatte, which enables you to personalize your bathing experience with a number of different hydrotherapies, as well as sensory therapies such as audio, thermal, aroma and chroma therapies, plus a vast assortment of other options and accessories.

Most Designer Collection tubs can be manufactured in an innovative solid-surface solution for bathing fixtures called DoloMatte. After a preparation process, a thick solid-surface slab is thermoformed with a mold and then reinforced with a thick layer of fiberglass, resin and titanium. While extremely scratch- and stain-resistant, this incredible new material offers luxurious design aesthetics with an exquisite matte finish and a velvety-soft touch and feel.

Customizable Sculpted Finish® Tubs

Included among Designer tubs manufactured in DoloMatte is a grouping of models that can be specified with 1, 2, 3 or even 4-sides. These models use DoloMatte and additional materials that are combined in a meticulous process that creates a seamless appearance in any of the 4 configurations available.

MTI Designer Collection DoloMatte tubs are individually manufactured and handcrafted. Each product is built according to the specifications of the customer when it is ordered. Multiple quality control checks are employed, including individual water-testing and component operation. MTI’s goal is to provide customers with handcrafted, quality products that meet their needs and desires.